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hahah, I just had to share this with you….



There is taking work seriously and there is taking it too seriously :):):)


iPhone, iPad and beyond….


Nexus One booting video

Is this the new Google phone booting? The Nexus One

Sweet animation :)

Ubuntu 9.10 wallpapers and Icons

I just love wallpapers… :) I keep collecting them and frequently change mine on all my machines.

Here are the Ubuntu 9.10 Wallpapers and Here are the Icons.



Source: Lifehacker

Google Wave explained

I guess this video explains what exactly Google Wave is better than anything…

Watch through solid walls with wireless networking…

As if there wasn’t enough creepy stuff out there already… This is amazing and creepy at the same time…

Read the entire article at Gizmodo.

Google wave

Ok, I got into the preview ;-) Great!

Now that I have wave I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to do with it, lol. Seems like a great tool to work together with co-workers on the same project, sharing information and having threaded discussions – but they are called waves.

Wave has plug-in/gadget support and for now there are two plug-ins/gadget:

1. Yes/No/Maybe voting – can be very useful if you need a project/team wide decision.
2. Google maps – you can add your own points and locations to the map and share it with the participants.

A few more points that are worth mentioning:

1. Google wave is a web app – no download and all your data is saved in the cloud
2. Its simple and minimalistic
3. Participants can create and save searches – can be pretty useful if you use tags for projects, resources,…
4. In the help section it says that mobile surfing is not yet functional and when I tried to access wave from my android phone, I got a message that the browser is not yet supported :(. Once this can be accessed and be used from the mobile phone – project management can go with you to everywhere!
5. I’d love to see some more plug-ins, allowing you to connect to the calendar, to facebook, twitter…


So far I like it and I believe that Google wave might become a big success!

101 blogs you should read…

I just saw this on BloggingTips.com. A list of 101 great blogs if you are into blogging – check them out.

101 blogs you should read

Another Courier tablet video

This tablet looks great and as another video (previous courier video) shows up, we get to see even a few more features ;-)

Edit: The video was removed :(

Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo.